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This is the Council’s summary of the objections and support that they have received from the public.
In total 674 objections were received, 27 comments and 5 letters of support. All representations received are published in full on the Council’s website and are summarised below:


· Pressure on local infrastructure capacity (including schools, medical etc.)

· Pressure on existing transport infrastructure

· Insufficient parking and existing parking pressures on nearby streets

· Not consistent with Broadwater Road West SPD – namely in terms of height

· Not in keeping with Garden City ethos/vision

· Out of character with the area

· Heritage harm

· Insufficient affordable housing and lack of social housing

· Obtrusive impact on nearby dwellings, loss of natural light, overlooking and loss of privacy · Development will exacerbate traffic issues

· Future residents would be subject to excessive noise

· Air pollution danger

· Size of houses not appropriate

· Market already saturated with flats

· Overdevelopment of plot

· Eyesore

· Too tall and dense

· Lack of green space

· Unacceptable housing mix

· Drainage and flood risk

· Fear of crime

· Loss of property values


· Looks great and improvement relative to existing building on site

· Good location

· Uses brownfield land

Our own comments on car parking: there are 289 proposed dwellings, with only 197 car parking spaces. Most homes in WGC have more than one car per family.